Phoenix Employment Law Attorney Explains: Three Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself

Phoenix Employment Law Attorney Explains: Three Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself

pySome people work in an environment where everyone gets along and respects one another. However, many Phoenix employees are stuck working in a toxic environment that can make a job feel unbearable. When income is necessary to make ends meet, quitting a job isn’t always an option. In the event that you have come to a point where you decide to quit your job due to discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, or if you have been wrongfully terminated, you will need as much evidence as possible to prove your case if you decide to file a complaint against your employer and/or a co-worker. The following steps can be taken to ensure you are protecting your rights and documenting allegations of workplace misconduct.

Step # 1 – Document Everything

There are a variety of ways to document conduct that may be considered discriminatory, harassing, or otherwise in violation of state and federal employment laws. Whatever method you typically use to document things should be used to make sure you have recorded every time you have been mistreated by your employer and/or a co-worker. Further, having conversations outside of the workplace with family members and friends can be key to proving your case. Your family and friends can be some of your strongest advocates, and the more they know about your workplace situation, the more their testimony can help you.

Step # 2 – Understand Your Rights as an Arizona Employee

As an employee, you should have a general understanding of what rights and obligations you have in the workplace. Some employees communicate employment laws to employees, however, many employees have never been told that such laws exist. For example, as an employee, you may not know what the minimum wage is simply because such information has never been communicated to you. If you are aware of the minimum wage law, and determine that your employer has been underpaying you, you have lost out on much-needed income and your employer has broken the law. By knowing what the minimum wage law is before getting a job, you can prevent underpayment from the start of employment.

Step # 3 – Speak with an Attorney

The decision to consult with an attorney is one that can be intimidating for many people. An attorney is not only available to help you pursue a claim against your employer or co-worker for workplace violations. Your attorney is also an advocate that can help you resolve matters outside the courtroom. There is rarely just one way to get an employment matter resolved, and understanding your various options is crucial to reaching a positive result to your situation.

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Employment disputes and illegal conduct is going to continue to occur until all employers and employees have an awareness of what their rights and obligations are. Facing discrimination, wrongful termination, being underpaid and/or overworked, or being the victim of sexual harassment are traumatic experiences that are not easily forgotten. If you believe your employer has violated your rights and/or state and federal employment laws, speaking with an experienced Phoenix Employment Law Attorney can help shed light on the situation you are dealing with.

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