Is Discrimination Illegal in Arizona Workplace?

discrimination in the workplace

Is Discrimination Illegal in Arizona Workplace?

is discrimination illegal in arizona workplaceWorkplace discrimination is sadly quite prevalent, and Arizona residents are no exception. The most common form of discrimination is employer retaliation, followed by race and then sex. If you believe you are the victim of workplace discrimination, you should seek an Arizona employment attorney.

Additional ways you can be discriminated against include:

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Pregnancy
  • Disability

There are some steps you should take if you believe that you are being discriminated against in the workplace.

Document Your Arizona Employment Discrimination

As much as you are able to, get good documentation of your workplace discrimination. This might be in the form of just taking notes about what’s happening, or it might be printing off emails that you receive showing this discrimination.

Just be sure to keep details about your experience. This includes:

  • The date the encounter happened
  • What was said or what action was taken against you
  • Any other witnesses present

If no one else is present during the discriminatory actions, try to invite others in to see if that stops the discrimination or if it helps reduce the actions on the spot. Having witnesses who show that you’re not getting promoted due to age or other factors can help you in the long run.

This documentation will help you prove your case when you go to your employer to discuss what’s happening.

Reporting Workplace Discrimination

Your next step is to report the discriminatory conduct to your employer. This part can make many employees feel uncomfortable. That’s because you have to relive the details of the discrimination you’re experiencing. This is not pleasant, but it is necessary to protect your rights.

Your employer should not retaliate against you for reporting misconduct in the workplace. You should not be penalized for raising your concerns and you should feel as though your voice is being heard. If not, you may need to escalate the matter further. This could mean going a level above your manager or directly to the human resources department to have further discussions to ensure the discrimination is stopped.

The office you work at should have policies regarding discrimination. Be sure to know those policies to see that your case is being handled according to their rules and regulations. If not, you can then more easily quote the policy back to the human resources representative or manager that you’re discussing the case with to prove you know your rights and those rights are being violated.

Your employer might feel that the discrimination you’ve faced could fall under criminal charges. In that case, they might request that you testify publicly against your manager or the person who was not giving you proper recognition or a fair chance at moving up within the company. This may be a case where you want to discuss your testimony with an Arizona employment law attorney before committing to testimony so that you fully understand what is being asked of you.

Click here for information on the Arizona employment discrimination statute.

Seek Arizona Employment Law Attorney

When you’ve taken all required courses of action within your organization and are still experiencing discrimination, it’s time to seek legal help from an Arizona employment law attorney.

An employment law attorney can help you file a legal case against your employer. This will ensure you receive proper compensation and recognition within your organization for the work that you do, regardless of your age, race, gender, etc.

An attorney will advise you on any additional information your claim might need to prove your case. This could include a third-party investigator who reviews all documentation and information on file with your employer. This is why it is important to have filed your case with your employer before escalating it to an attorney and court case.