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introduction to whistleblower protections

Whistleblower Protections

  Introduction to Whistleblower Protections Some employers will do anything to make a buck or to stretch a dollar as far as they can – even if it means jeopardizing their employees and/or the public. Companies have a general obligation to produce products for the public that are safe and free from defects. When companies […]
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Can I Be Forced to Pay Union Dues

Can I Be Forced to Pay Union Dues?

Introduction Regardless of their history and the benefits they have provided for workers throughout previous centuries, unions remain a controversial employment-related subject. Proponents of unions claim that a union’s collective bargaining power helps raise worker wages and affords workers protections against abusive or unfair treatment by employers. Opponents claim that the benefits requested by many […]
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Minimum Wage Laws in Arizona

Introduction One of the basic premises of the modern employment relationship is that men and women should be paid an appropriate wage for the work they perform for their employers. In centuries past, an employer could dictate the terms of the employment relationship and pay his or her workers whatever wages he or she desired. […]
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Dress Codes in the Workplace

Introduction to Dress Codes in the Workplace Our culture celebrates diversity and individuality, and this shows in many of the choices people make. We make all kinds of decisions based upon not only our personal tastes and preferences but also on what will help us stand out from the crowd. You can see this in […]
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