Arizona Employees – Understanding the State’s “Right-to-Work” Law

Arizona Employees – Understanding the State’s “Right-to-Work” Law

States have the power to create and enforce their own employment laws so long as such laws do not conflict with federal law. Arizona’s constitution has a “right-to-work” provision that has been effective since 1946. This provision states that people cannot be denied the opportunity to obtain or maintain employment for failing to be a member of a labor organization. Many people believe that certain workers must be union or labor organization members in order to keep employment, and this is an assumption that is common across the United States. While the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) does allow for private sector employees to collectively bargain with their employers, employment still cannot be denied to someone for failing to be a member of a union or labor organization.

Be Wary of Employers Who Require You to be a Union or Labor Organization Member

Given that employees are not always informed of what their rights and obligations are in the workplace, it isn’t uncommon for employees to truly believe they must become members of a labor organization in order to either get a job, or to keep a job. Membership fees are often required to become a member of a labor organization. While the NLRA does allow employers to require employees to pay some sort of fee to keep their jobs (pursuant to a written agreement), they still cannot be forced to become labor organization members. If your employer has demanded that you become a member of a labor organization in order to keep your job, you should turn to the guidance of a Phoenix Employment Law Attorney as soon as possible.

What is at Risk?

Arizona law is intended to protect all worker rights. If your rights have been violated in some way, the law allows a way for you to seek redress from the employer who has caused you harm. If you have been terminated for failing to become a member of a labor organization, not only have you lost a source of income, but you have been terminated wrongfully in violation of state employment laws. Wrongful termination can occur for a variety of reasons, and it is unfortunate that many employees are not aware that their termination was wrongful. Arizona’s right-to-work law is a safeguard intended to prevent wrongful termination for one particular reason – failing to become a member of a labor organization. When this safeguard is violated, employers should be held responsible in an effort to deter similar conduct in the future.

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